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American Made – Since 1883!
The Green-Lite™ LED linear machine light series from O.C. White are the newest and most energy efficient, highest output and longest lasting line of machine tool illumination in the world. These exceptionally designed products offer important features and benefits available only from O.C. White. They have been designing and manufacturing machine lighting products here in the USA since 1883. O.C. White was the #1 source for machine lighting in the first half of the 20th century. Almost every machine manufactured during this timeframe left their respective factories with an O.C. White light mounted onto it.

Superior LED Technology
Never one to rest on their laurels, the new Green-Lite™ linear employs world exclusive design elements that no other manufacturer can match. Rather than clusters of old style LEDs “bottles” favored by Chinese manufacturers, Green-Lite™ products employ next generation “surface mount” LEDs that produce more light with less glare, consume less power and last longer. The blended white light is easy on the eyes and the output level is adjustable – simply and precisely – for maximum operator comfort. All Green-Lite™ models are wired for 24v direct machine connection, but can also be run at 100-240v with their interchangeable power supply options.

Faster Return on Investment
Your investment in new Green-Lite™ LED technology quickly pays for itself through lower operating costs, longer lighting lifespan and improved productivity. A lower total cost of ownership provides the greenest solution of all! Ever experience your light go down in mid production? You know the frustration with having to not only stop working, but losing money in the process. Many times specialized union contractors must contacted to complete the work. More time and money spent. Their solid state LED design has no bulbs to 'burn out', so the light will simply run... no questions asked, nothing to worry about. With Green-Lite™.... this is a thing of the past!

World Exclusive Features
Simplicity by design; a proper motto for todays complex manufacturing environment. One of the world exclusive elements of the Green-Lite™ series is the ability to power up to (3) Green-Lite™ linear fixtures off of a single power source! No one else in the world has this technology. This allows you to utilize a single power source, and be able light up your machine in a way that you never thought possible before.

Each Green-Lite™ product ship from the factory complete with integrated mounting feet, which features both countersunk holes for permanent installation into your machine enclosure wall, but also four (2 per mounting foot) rare-earth neodymium magnents should you want a very strong, semipermanent mounting location. The same contrast control and dimming functions on our world exclusive Green-Lite™ LED magnifiers can also be found optionally on their LED linears. You have the ability to not only dim the unit from 100-5%, but also shut down the banks of LEDs as you choose for contrasting control. No other linear light has this ability.

Green Long Before it was Fashionable
Since their inception, O.C. White has designed products that put light where it’s needed, reducing the need to light large workspaces. They patented dimming technology that reduces consumption of electricity. Unlike throw-away products, O.C. White products are built to last many years and are easily repaired or updated. Should you ever need a replacement part, we can get it to you fast.

Green-Lite - 100-240v (50/60HZ) LED Linear Machine Lights

Green-Lite - 100-240v (50/60HZ) LED Linear Machine Lights

The world's most advanced machine light is here! Slim, sexy and what a workhorse! IP67 rated for industrial abuse. Heavy Duty die cast aluminum body...
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Green-Lite - 24v DC LED Linear Machine Lights

Green-Lite - 24v DC LED Linear Machine Lights

The world's most advanced machine light is here! Slim, sexy and what a workhorse! IP67 rated for industrial abuse. Heavy Duty die cast aluminum body...
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